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Interior gardens for modern homes

The story behind Interior Oasis

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Interior Oasis is a culmination of founder, Steve Bacon’s talents in both interior design and horticulture.

His unique indoor woodlands & deserts planted in high quality LSA glassware and handmade terrariums, have been described as a cross between artwork, design and nature.

From a young age Steve always had a love for plants, leading him to set up a successful gardening business. Having a passion for botany but living in an apartment without a garden sparked the idea of bringing gardens indoors. 

Steve began developing a range of products planting gardens in beautiful glassware inspired by various themes ranging from desert to woodland. His designs were so well received by his large network of friends and colleagues, it led him to set up Interior Oasis. 

Having previously worked in social care, Steve has a deep understanding of the therapeutic power of nature on our wellbeing. He takes great pride in weaving this knowledge into his work, enabling others to appreciate this power from the comfort of their home. 

Steve’s indoor gardens combine a perfect mix of beauty and therapeutic value with low-maintenance. His expert eye for interior design means his products will fit perfectly into any setting, giving homeowners the opportunity to bring a natural touch to their interior. 

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